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"Oh Susanna"
Written by Stephen Foster (1826–1864)
Performed by Marco Missinato
At the Musician Institute, California
On Spring 1992
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"It happened a few years ago in Ecuador, soon to happen again in Europe and other parts of the world"
(For anyone who feel a resonance with "Unfolding Secrets" and would like to help and be part or facilitate a live concert or a live concert tour, please contact me)

The Unfolding Secrets: The Documentary
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"Little Joy"
Music by Marco Missinato

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from the album Unfolding Secrets (instrumental)

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“Since the beginning I have
been longing for a world
of unity and love.
I have always felt it
in those brief moments
when hearfelt music
was palying.
That is why I write music”
– Marco Missinato
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“The Universe is not out there,
it is not outside of Us,
as the System and the Religion
and Spiritual industries
want Us to believe,
...the Universe is Within Ourselves”
- Marco Missinato

"L'Universo non e' la' fuori,
come il Sistema e le industrie della religione
e della spiritualità' vogliono farci credere,
...l'Universo e' dentro di Noi"
- Marco Missinato

Photo by Marco Missinato
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